We Bruddas – Mean It

Up next on the Hip Hop scene are We Bruddas. We Bruddas are a dynamic team of two biological brothers ages 21 & 22; Kameron Miller known as 94ft Kam, and Kendric Miller known as Ken Mill. They are both full-time college students at the Historic Morris Brown College. Born and raised in College Park,Ga., which is located 10 minutes outside of Atlanta, the dynamic duo attended school and resided in Fayetteville, G.

We Bruddas have great flows and have their own concept of “SWAG”rap. Saying What’s All Good. We Bruddas make quality Hip-Hop without the use of profanity at all, which makes the music ear friendly for all listeners of every age. With a sound unlike any other artist, We Bruddas have a catalog of over 300 songs, but none hotter than this new single “Mean It”.

Stream/ download “Blue Cheese” https://song.link/us/i/1655714662

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