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MeRCY feat. T.F – Blood On the Canvas [Music Video]

The East and West coasts connect and do so flawlessly with MeRCY and Westside Bunk artist, T.F, tag teaming up over some production from Sebb Bash. Both hit the instrumental with some hard hitting blows of lyrical flows delivering a smackdown like its a Friday night for WWE fans, in turn leaving nothing but blood on the canvas and adding another win to their respective resumes. HipHop legend, The Alchemist, would be proud of the beat his favorite producer created for Merc’ and T.F to tangle with as he helped set the tone of the record with both artists easily finding their groove. When asked about the track, MeRCY says “The beat is very gutter and straight forward HipHop and lyrically it’s hardcore bragging 101, delivered with killer instinct.”

This new record tallies in another collaboration between MeRCY and Sebb and it also serves as the third single from the up and coming album Michaelangelo, which will continue the streak of “Michael” themed projects from the Broward County resident. The release of “Blood On the Canvas” also features an official music video to accompany the audio version, showcasing the animation skills provided by Philippe Lavallee. The visualizer sets each scene perfectly with Lavallee being able to create the griminess and rudeness that the song brings into a visual form, and he had free range to do so. MeRCY didn’t hold his fellow artist back but gave him the freedom to create what he envisioned saying “I gave him the creative space and he managed to capture the visual by complimenting the lyrics as it shows”.

Michaelangelo is set to release next month and the anticipation grows even more with this latest offering from the set of sounds. MeRCY has huge expectations for the project and he should clearly have them due to time and work that he’s been putting in. Thus far, each single has brought something different to the table, a different vibe and sound and that’s exactly what we can expect from the entire album come next month. MeRCY describes his next album as “a musical art gallery and each song is its own unique piece”. If there’s one thing we know about MeRCY, it’s that he doesn’t take his love of art for granted, he makes sure everything is where and how it should be, even if it leaves some blood on the canvas.

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