Baby Tate – Wig [Music Video]

Today, Atlanta rapper/singer/actress and self-proclaimed “theater kid” Baby Tate snatches follicles in a dramatic lip sync competition for “Wig,” inspired by RuPaul’s hit series Drag Race. It’s an anthemic song from her newly released EP, Baby Tate Presents — Sexploration: The Musical.

To start things off, Baby Tate dedicates the vignette to members of the trans, drag, and nonbinary communities. From there, she plays a judge alongside Grammy-nominated songwriter Justin Tranter and RuPaul’s Drag Race star Luxx Noir London, in an electric lip sync battle that includes spirited dancing, colorful wigs, and feisty competitors who aren’t afraid to snatch them. The hook itself is an incessant command that becomes an engrossing chant. “Gimme your wig, wig, wig, wig,” she repeats over a thumping baseline.

The video aligns with the song’s mischievous lyrics and jumpy piano; the animated miming — and the judges’ reaction to it — creates an epic exhibition in camp. As imaginative as it is braggadocious, the video is a fitting visual manifestation of Baby Tate’s technicolor mind — a fertile ground where impulse and big ideas become the stuff of theater. It’s just the latest example of the creativity that powers her latest project.

The visual for “Wig” was preceded by the release of videos for “Grip,” “Luv Everybody,” “Lollipop,” and “Jersey,” these tracks that were infused with all the energy and attitude of Baby Tate herself. Those tracks were preceded by Baby Tate’s hit reimagining of “Hey Mickey.” Her original version, which first dropped in 2016 before going hyper-viral on TikTok earlier this year, has already amassed more than 100 million cumulative streams. She then followed it up with a remix featuring fellow rapper Saweetie.

In celebration of the release, Baby Tate and friends made Sexploration: The Mocumentary- a fun and funny series for your pleasure. Each episode features exclusive clips with cast members, dancers, and creators who give their uncensored and unapologetic stories on what it’s like to work with the rising star. Watch HERE. In addition, she’ll embark on a headline tour in January with stops in New York and Atlanta. See dates below.

Baby Tate Presents – Sexploration: The Musical distills all the emotional, genre-fluid stylings that made her an engrossing force of musical creativity. The pansexual party starter has been fusing pop, rap, and R&B since the release of her 2015 debut project, ROYGBIV, which she followed with 2019’s acclaimed GIRLS, and 2021’s After the Rain. Baby Tate Presents – Sexploration: The Musical cements her status as one of hip-hop’s most exciting artists.

Baby Tate Presents – Sexploration: The Musical Tracklist:

“Luv Everybody”


January 17, 2024 – Los Angeles, CA – The Echo
January 24, 2024 – Brooklyn, NY – Baby’s All Right
January 26, 2024 – Atlanta, GA – Vinyl

Baby Tate represents for the most vibrant among us. The 27-year-old classically trained singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, engineer, and dancer has always channeled her energy into creating music that reflects the Technicolor recesses of her mind. Her discography thus far consists of concept projects like ROYGBIV, BOYS, and GIRLS, all of which saw her exercising full creative control, and more flexible bodies of work like 2020’s After the Rain, which features her empowering hit “I Am.” Her latest EP, Baby Tate Presents – Sexploration: The Musical, takes listeners on a theatrical expedition through sexual identity, relationships, and self-confidence. Baby Tate’s move from her birthplace of Atlanta to Los Angeles has motivated her to experiment within more sonic landscapes than ever before. She has also been inspired to delve further into her sexual identity: after previously coming out as bisexual on social media, she now identifies as pansexual. The result of opening up her artistic and personal worlds is Baby Tate Presents – Sexploration: The Musical, a five-track pop&B production on which she shares her experiences in greater detail. Through everything she does, but especially in her music, Baby Tate strives to create a safe space that challenges sexual norms and embraces gender diversity. By boldly defying stereotypes, she serves as an inspiration for everyone—especially marginalized people—to express themselves authentically.

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