Yelawolf Announces “Trial By Fire” Album

YelawolfYelawolf took to his Instagram yesterday (September 22) to announce he is working on a new album, Trial By Fire.

The Alabama rapper says that he is returning to his roots on this project while blending what he loves about Hip Hop.

He says that he wrote a song called “Violin” with country singer Lee Brice.

This announcement comes after the April release of his sophomore LP, Love Story, which was released through his Slumerican label through Shady Records and Interscope.

Yelawolf details the importance of capturing ideas in the post, which was published on Instagram. The post features an image of the rapper sitting under a tree in a cemetery. The full caption is below:

“It’s been a crazy week,” he says. “So much energy around me at all times. I’ve found peace and quite for most of my life at grave yards .. My Maw Maw used to take me .. We would just walk around and read stones … I write a lot of records here .. Today I wrote a record for @leebrice and I here .. Called ‘Violin’ … We’re supposed to be in the studio this evening .. Time to push all aside and get these ideas recorded .. Songs are like a passing speck of dust in the wind … If you don’t grab it and contain it .. It’ll be gone forever. With all my growth .. I can say returning to my roots has been the greatest blessing. Sharing that with what hip hop brought to my life … I’m forever grateful .. ‘Trial By Fire’ will be the title for my next album … Sharing this with you all today … Right now …. Cause who knows really … But I’m mentally ready to begin the next album … And the journey starts today. ???? @shadyrecords INTERSCOPE #slumerican @fefedobsonofficial @kleversworld @bonesowens @spidysmith @jdotjones @rosenberg”


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