Sleeze The Kingpin – Leap Of Faith

Twenty-nineteen was a challenging year for Sleeze the Kingpin. He spent the first few months of the year behind bars, suspected of being the mastermind of the Christmas day murder of a pregnant, drug-addicted woman. Even though he had absolutely no involvement, just being suspected of this crime caused him to lose a lot that was important to him.

While behind bars, he thought about his life, how he had been born in California and spent his formidable years in Georgia. He thought about his time in the military and how he’d been able to travel the world because of his service. He thought about life post-military, about the things he’d done that most only wished they could. He’d become an entrepreneur and was incredibly proud of his restaurant. He was a proud father who was very involved in the lives of his children. But now all that was slipping through his fingers like sand.

In that jail, Sleeze vowed to use this situation that was meant to break him to build an empire. It’s not often that the lion gets to speak of his exploits with the hunter, but here is a chance to experience this rare phenomenon because Sleeze is the lion. A few weeks after being released, Sleeze began his career as an artist. He is a natural-born storyteller admired for his clever wordplay and how he spins his tales.

In 2020, Sleeze The Kingpin started Pis Po Records. Pis Po Records is an independent recording company out of Junction City, Kansas providing artist development, marketing, and much-needed exposure for up-and-coming R&B and Hip Hop artists. Pis Po believes the music industry is ripe for change, not only by moving toward finding newer talent that has yet to be discovered but by introducing established artists who have been overlooked or underutilized in their current situation. Pis Po Records was founded with the vision, mission, and goals to redefine the industry.

Since that time, Sleeze has been promoting his featured artist Whoa Whoa Hot while releasing music of his own. Leap of Faith was released Friday February 3, 2023 and is currently streaming on all platforms.

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