Exclusive: TK N Ca$h Interview

TK N Ca$hDuring the electric 3 day Event of Atlanta’s A3C Hip Hop Festival realRAPpromo/tihhm and Zaneli  had the privilege to meet up with the very talented duo of TK N CA$H.

So ya’ll got a new Single Out with 2 Chainz. Ya’ll want to tell us about that?

Right now we have a new single. Available right now on iTunes entitled  “NO GO” featuring our big brother 2 Chainz. That’s what it is. Swag, swag, swag.

Also, you guys have a new EP out.

Yes we have a new EP out on iTunes as well entitled ORIENTATION. Make sure ya’ll go get that. It’s out on iTunes, just search TK N CA$H it will pop right up. We got Jacob Latimore and our big brother 2 Chainz on the EP. Make sure ya’ll go check that out. Swag.

So we know that this is a sad subject but we want to ask about Chris Lighty. How are ya’ll feeling about all that?

I mean he was a great great mentor to us. We actually got the chance to meet him more than one time before we signed with him. So, it’s like. It was just crazy when we heard the news. It was a sad sad feeling and the same time we know he is in a better place. We have to do it for him.

So you have to carry on his legacy?

We have to – Definitely – Have to carry on for him.

You guys are in the forefront right now being a duo in Hip-Hop. So how’s that work for you – Do you feed off each other?

Yeah we most definitely feed off each other.
Whatever he lacks I got and Whatever I lack he got. So it’s like a ying yang thing. Swag swag, ying yang.

What’s up with your personal fashion?

Oh, well right now look, thing I’m saying is what you do right now is called swag. Right here swagger at the moment.  Nah, actually we just participated in a celebrity basketball game earlier. So we came straight here. Right now for realRAPpromo.

So we have to ask CA$H,  what is his tattoo about.. It says Take Notes

Um it’s just a tattoo that means, um I’m super musical so it means Take Notes. And it means Take Notes to the haters. Who ever don’t like me or  who ever don’t like him. You see what I’m saying – TAKE NOTES.

Thank ya’ll so much for taking the time time to meet with us. Ya’ll wanna tell people where they can find you on social media?

Aw no problem. Swag, swag, swag Not now but right now. Hit us up on Twitter @TKNCASH1  and go to our website www.tkncash1music.com.

These very very Talented boys are doing their thing.. Make sure yall go check out the New Single “NO GO” Featuring 2 Chainz and the New EP  ORIENTATION Featuring   Jacob Latimore.  

Interview conducted by Joy Grizzard Hancock (@behindthaseen) and Bonnie Elizabeth for tihhm


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