A$AP Rocky Charged with Assault

As anticipated, Swedish prosecutors have charged A$AP Rocky and two members of his entourage with assault.

The decision was handed down on Thursday (July 25), according to NPR. In a translated statement, the city prosecutor’s office said the three men had been charged “for the abuse of a person near Hötorget,” a city square in central Stockholm.

“Together they have handed out blows and kicks against a lying person,” prosecutor Daniel Suneson said in the statement. “[T]he plaintiff has been injured on the arms, among other things.”

The incident occurred on June 30 while Rocky was overseas to perform at Smash x Stadion, a two day hip hop festival in Sweden’s capital city. He maintains it was self-defense and provided video of the confrontation on his Instagram account, showing the alleged victim following his crew.

The Hollywood Reporter states Suneson explained he had access to a “larger amount of material than what has been available on the internet” and judged Rocky‘s actions to be a crime.

Rocky‘s Swedish defense lawyer, Slobodan Jovicic, said he was “not surprised” by the decision but was “extremely disappointed” prosecutors chose to give testimony of the alleged victim more weight.

TMZ reports Rocky‘s charge could get him locked up for up to two years, but Suneson said he will not recommend the full two-year sentence if Rocky is convicted.

During the trial, which will likely start next week, a panel of four judges will hear the case. At least three of them must decide an assault was committed for a conviction. If it’s a tie, the prosecutor is allowed to ask for a new trial. If Rocky is convicted, a judge will decide the sentence a week later.


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