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2Rare – Rare’s Room

Meeting overwhelming demand from fans worldwide, fast-rising Philadelphia rapper 2Rare officially reveals his new single “Rare’s Room” today. Listen above.

He initially teased the track on TikTok, and the sound reacted in a big way. Inciting viral buzz, “Rare’s Room” has already soundtracked over 118K plus creates and 52M views in advance of its formal arrival.

Now, the full version lives up to the hype. The uptempo production integrates a rush of energy that accompanies Rare’s melodic delivery and immediately captivates.

It also notably lands in the wake of “Lil Mama.” In barely two months, the latter has already generated 490K Spotify streams and 2.2 million YouTube views on its music video. Right out of the gate, LA Weekly assured, “it’s just as sweet as it sounds,” and XXL named it one of “The 13 Best New Hip-Hop Songs This Week.” Listen HERE and watch HERE.

Despite his brief time in the spotlight, 2Rare has shown himself as one of the best practitioners of urgent club rap. It’s so potent that other rappers are tapping into his energy, most recently Lil Uzi Vert in his “I Just Wanna Rock Video,” which Rare is prominently featured in, and previously Drake featured him in his “Sticky” video. “Q-Pid,” his smash collab with Lil Durk, reveals just how adept 2Rare is at merging street rap with more playful sounds. It’s no question that 2Rare is poised to make his potent, pliable club songs the soundtrack for 2023 and beyond.

2Rare is on a mission to bring the fun back to rap. The North Philadelphia artist born Naseem Young has immediately set himself apart from his peers over the last few years with his irrepressible charisma and the furious energy of dancefloor-ready hits. East Coast club music has been booming in the mainstream of late, but 2rare’s rapid-fire bars and uncommon ear for hooks make his songs echo in your head way after you leave the club. Growing up a football player, 2Rare says that his brother and other family members rapped but that none of them broke out to the degree that he has. He and the people around him have realized that in his time making music, he’s already developed a gift. The crown jewel of his run so far is “Q-Pid” feat. Lil Durk, an irresistible club flip of 112’s 1996 hit. 2Rare springboards around the beat like an Olympic gymnast, and its corresponding dance challenge has already gone viral. The attention is extreme, but 2Rare knows he deserves it. “It’s to that point where people say, ‘Rare runs everything he hopped on,’” he says. “They’ll hear a party song or a dance song and be like, ‘Yo, put Rare on it.’” He’s already proved he’s more than ready for the challenge.

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